CSR Report 2022

CSR Report 2022

Dear Friends and Community Partners,

As the CEO and owner of goldbug, I have always been passionate about creating innovative and safe products and giving back to our communities and industry. For more than 50 years, goldbug has engaged with young families through our varied products and brands. We are grateful for the successes we have achieved and want to share that success by doing more. We believe goldbug can have a bigger and more important impact not just through the products we deliver, but through the communities we serve.

In 2022, our team set out to do more, leveraging our spirit of innovation to support our communities in new and different ways. Setting our sights on maternal health, we are working with partners and experts to understand this critical issue, identify existing gaps, and determine where we can best invest resources to make a real difference. The United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality among high-resource countries. This tragedy is impacted by race, income, education, and geography. Where you are born and to whom matters.

We are working to make a difference. And we like where we are going. Starting our work in Colorado, we are hearing directly from stakeholders about the challenges mothers face both in rural and urban settings. We learned a lot along the way and are inspired by the moms we have met, as well as by the service providers, doulas and community leaders who are committed to improving maternal health.

There is much to do to support mothers during pregnancy, during childbirth and during the critically important postpartum period. In 2023, we will continue our work with our current partners and begin to test new initiatives that will increase resources to mothers postpartum. And we are looking beyond Colorado at moms and babies across the country.

We are about beginnings, and we are thrilled to be part of a collective of passionate people and partners committed to making sure that all moms, regardless of race, income, education, and geography, get the health care they deserve and the support they need to raise healthy babies.

I am happy to share this impact report to describe our journey as we work to make the world a little better for moms and babies. We are excited by what we have accomplished in 2022 and look forward to advancing our goals in 2023.

With Gratitude,

Katherine Gold

President and CEO