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We are proud to announce everUP™, our first direct-to-consumer brand of children's socks.

Designed by goldbug, inc. from end-to-end, our patent pending design is the foundation of an innovative line of socks for your little one designed to stay up and leave 'no sock behind' in the daily life of sock wearing for your infant or toddler.

Our stay-up no-slip technology’s hidden inside the sock! Our patent pending non-slip technology lines the inner welt of each sock with a grippy, silicone application that moves and expands with the sock and performs the hard work of keeping socks from slipping off of little or big feet. This internal silicone application inside everUP’s™ patent pending socks is either continuously or partially applied to the sock’s welt. We often intentionally apply the silicone with breaks in a dashed or zig zag pattern to allow for maximum stretch and breathability as the sock moves and expands.

These slip-resistant silicone patterns have a smooth surface and rest comfortably on the skin. Our use of silicone is a hygienic choice as this polymer has no open pores to harbor bacteria and is odor and stain resistant. Silicone is flexible, durable and can handle everyday wear and withstand the heat and agitation of typical washing and drying. To see our newest sock line in its entirety, we invite you to visit

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