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ryan donohue business analyst, IT, 3 years at goldbug

Ryan moved around a lot as a child—specifically, 9 cities in 18 years—and perhaps that is one of the things in his childhood that helped him develop tenacity and the ability to build up whatever he chooses to focus upon into his life from scratch into something tangible and impressive! Perhaps a roving childhood also instilled in him a sense of being up for an adventure in work and life. Upon his graduation from high school, Ryan served a 2-year church mission in Peru. He then went on to attend BYU and earned a Finance degree from the Marriott School of Management. Since then he has risen through the ranks into the seasoned, Sales Director at goldbug that he is today. With 9 years of employment at goldbug, Ryan is a valued and appreciated team member whose sales responsibilities have included Target, Carter's, Oshkosh, JCP, and all closeout customers.

Considered the 'numbers guy' in the Sales Department, Ryan is the keeper of goldbug's internal sales plans. He builds reports that are used by upper management and the sales department to help optimize the management of goldbug's business. Ryan is currently a Scout Master for a local Boy Scout Troop, and enjoys everything that Colorado has to offer with his wife, St. Bernard dog, and young family of 4 children ranging from 10 years old down to 3 years old.

How long have you worked at goldbug?

Nine years.

What are your interests and hobbies?

Family is #1. My favorite memories/activities are those with my family. We’re passionate about the outdoors…primarily camping, skiing, biking, and hiking.

Music moves me to the core. I was cursed having no musical talent, but have a passion for music like no other. I decided to do something about it and teach myself an instrument; the poor man’s version of a guitar, the ukulele. Once I graduate from the ukulele I plan on learning the guitar.

Home design/decorating. This is embarrassing to admit, but I do most of the decorating at home. I constantly find myself looking around the house trying to find my next decorating or remodeling project.

What is your most memorable goldbug experience or win or success or challenge:

Prior to working for goldbug, I worked for a very large retail company and struggled finding my identity within the company. I was under constant pressure and no matter how hard I worked, never felt I could meet the expectations of management or make a sizeable contribution to the company. I left the company to join goldbug, a smaller family- owned business, which turned out to be a perfect fit. My skills and personality thrive in this environment, which has allowed me to provide substantial contributions to the company and grow in my development. One of my most memorable experiences happened within the first few months of joining goldbug. I was brought in as a Planning Manager with a primary goal to develop reporting tools that would bring information to life and allow us to more effectively manage the business. I quickly got to work and developed a tool called the “All Report”, which provided greater visibility to inventory metrics across the company. My boss was so pleased with the report, he immediately pulled me into Katherine’s office (goldbug's owner) to share the report with her. She also was impressed, so much so she thanked me and gave me a big hug. Being new to goldbug, it was a great feeling being able to immediately contribute to the company and receive a genuine “thank you” for my hard work…something that was missing from my previous company.

What is a unique, memorable fact about you?

You know the song “I Should Have Been a Cowboy” by Tobey Keith?...that’s me. I grew up in the suburbs but somehow developed a cowboy’s soul. We have a family ranch in the middle of nowhere, Utah. I love visiting the ranch and enjoying the simple life in a quiet remote area with the beautiful scenery, livestock, and horses. There’s nothing better than putting on my cowboy hat and boots and enjoying the day out on the land.