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Healthy Beginnings Project Press Release

Colorado’s First Guaranteed Income Program for New Moms Launches

Denver, CO — Today, Goldbug, a prominent infant and children's accessory company, announced the initiation of the groundbreaking Healthy Beginnings Project, a comprehensive program aimed at supporting maternal and infant physical and mental health through economic stability. The program will provide a monthly guaranteed income of $750 — distributed via two payments monthly — for 15 months to 20 new mothers, marking the first maternal guaranteed income program in Colorado. First payments were distributed via debit card to recipients on Nov. 30, 2023.

The program’s launch comes on the heels of new research from Columbia University on the importance of cash programs during pregnancy in providing both short and long-term positive impacts.

This initiative is distinct in that it is the nation’s first to fully fund payments through a company and in its focus on a diverse target population, with recipients residing in both rural and urban settings within Colorado. Given racial disparities in maternal health outcomes, outreach to potential recipients focused on diverse populations and resulted in a recipient group that’s primarily women of color. Recipients were chosen at random and recruited through Goldbug’s partner Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) Denver Health and Pinon Project. Eligibility requirements include being 18 or older, pregnant, experiencing economic hardship and located in the service area of and referred by CBO staff.

"The maternal health crisis is sadly nothing new, but meaningful solutions to it are,” said Katherine Gold, CEO of Goldbug. “My hope is that this program can help us build toward a future in which new moms and their babies have the peace of mind and proven benefits of financial stability — not just in Colorado, but across the country.”

The research for the Healthy Beginnings Project will be led by the nonprofit organization Income Movement, utilizing a mixed-methods approach with an emphasis on qualitative data. Baseline and endline surveys, quarterly surveys, personal journal entries, roundtable discussions, and participant program review sessions will be conducted throughout the project. Implementation of the program will be overseen by Impact Charitable, a leader in managing Colorado’s several existing guaranteed income programs.

Interviews are available with Katherine Gold, community partners and potentially with recipients. More information about the Healthy Beginnings Project can be found here.

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Goldbug is a leading infant and children's accessory company committed to providing innovative and high-quality products for families. With a focus on social responsibility, Goldbug seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of parents and children through maternal health initiatives like the Healthy Beginnings Project.

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