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Infant and Toddler Travel Gear Manufacturer Raises the Bar on Testing

Third-party testing finds no impact on safety performance from use of Goldbug head supports with leading car seats

Denver, CO., December 06, 2023Goldbug, a global leader in the manufacture of infant and children’s travel gear and other products, today released third-party safety test results of its head support products. The testing, requested by Goldbug and conducted by Calspan, a nationally recognized test center, was undertaken to determine whether GoldBug’s head support products, when used with five of the top-selling infant car seats, affect the performance of the seats in meeting federal safety regulations. In each instance, Calspan’s testing indicated that the head supports did not impact the seat’s performance to federal safety standards.

Head supports, often used with infant car seats, are designed to stabilize, and reduce lateral or forward movement of the infant’s head and provide comfort. And, while safety testing of car seats is federally mandated, there are no such requirements for head supports or many other common accessories.

“While functionality drives our product development choices, and style is the hallmark of our designs, safety is always our first consideration when developing and designing new products”, said Goldbug CEO and President, Katherine Gold. “As the original provider of head supports, we felt our culture and commitment to safety dictated having our products tested to determine whether they had any impact on safety performance.”

Calspan developed a comprehensive testing model using five top-selling car seats. Each seat was tested exactly as configured out of the box to establish a baseline for measuring safety performance.  Subsequently, over 25 tests were conducted with Goldbug’s head support installed in the seat to measure any changes in performance against the established baseline. The executive summary and test results are publicly available HERE.

“Calspan has been on the leading edge of child restraint system testing since the 70's, but child passenger accessories are not required to be tested under state or federal regulatory standards.  To my knowledge, the testing requested by Goldbug represents the most comprehensive testing of head support accessories to date,” noted Dan Wells, Sr. Manager - Business Development, at Calspan. “We drew on our decades of experience to develop a testing protocol that contemplated and tested a range of potential consumer installations and believe this protocol can serve as a model for future testing.”

Goldbug’s decision to commission independent safety tests falls under the company’s broader commitment to product safety and its leadership in the industry. As an active member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (“JPMA”), Goldbug communicates with industry leaders to identify and advocate for best practices in product safety and testing.

“Families deserve confidence that the products they use for child comfort and care are safe,” said Joe Colella, Director of Child Passenger Safety for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. “Goldbug’s extensive crash testing initiative demonstrates their voluntary commitment to assure safety and raises the bar for the accessory industry."

About Goldbug

Goldbug is a leader in the infant and children’s accessories market. Goldbug was founded over 50 years ago and has a strong history of creating innovative, quality products under its own brands and as a licensee for leading national brands. The company is a woman-owned enterprise, led by Katherine Gold, CEO and President. Katherine is a respected voice and philanthropist working to improve maternal health outcomes, and she sits on the Boards of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), Delivering Good, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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