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strap covers

Elevate the practical! Strap covers are designed to wrap around the car seat or stroller strap to help prevent them from rubbing on baby's face and neck. Strap covers don't have to just be practical anymore. They are designed to be plush, playful and put a smile on your little one's face as they are clicked into safety and comfort! Easy to put on, and lovely for your little one, strap covers are the way to go.

Click below to check out plush and practical strap covers from trusted brands in baby travel including Carter’s, and our very own brands, GO by goldbug™, On the goldbug®, and TravelBug™.

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    Carters strap covers
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    OnTheGOldbug strap covers
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    GO By Goldbug strap covers
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    TravelBug strap covers

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