what we do

What we do

We exist because of our partnerships and how we treat them. We always put our partners first whether they are licensing, retail, or manufacturing partners. We know how to elevate accessories in a retail environment and we have the capacity, creativity and capability to augment the success of our partners. We have the unique ability to step outside of ourselves and immerse ourselves in your brand to become inspired brand advocates. This helps guide us to successfully create brand-appropriate designs and offer product solutions that are spot-on and will enhance your business. This ability to immerse ourselves in your brand also allows us to confidently sell in your branded product and monitor all aspects of the selling season in a collaborative and transparent manner.

When we see a market need or identify a consumer insight that can be satisfied by an innovative product or compelling collection that falls outside of our licensing partners, we don’t hesitate to launch under our own brands. We are always open to the possibility of expanding our partner portfolio, so if you would like to discuss ways in which we can join forces, please reach out via the Contact Us section of this website. We are confident that we can play a critical role in achieving your stated goals.

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Ph: 303.371.2535 | Toll-free: 800.942.9442